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In the times of complex coded portal software and challenging marketing requirements, operators require a portal structure which can adapt to operator’s marketing needs as frequently as these are generated. Netra is a revolutionary Captive portal UI which has been put in place to answer all complex requirements of ever evolving market in today’s times.

Netra is next generation intuitive captive portal enabling CSP Marketing/ Product team to create, manage different captive portals from centralized UI. Enables Carrier or large-scale Wi-Fi providers add enterprises/corporations & to manage their portal independently.

Besides the ease of management, Netra enables the operator to monetize the WIFI network using campaigns, surveys and advertisements and also get better customer insight via analytics. With easy drag & drop functionalities inbuilt template and function library Netra offers an all integrated platform to CSP to control and monetize from data networks.


Netra can be easily customized as per operator’s requirements and it is the first prompt from access gateway for redirection which may differ in various scenarios. Designed for CSPs Netra is the only portal available offering a two layered approach that differentiates the Design templates and the functional coding UI, giving highest flexibility to design or import templates and use the pre-built integrations or write their own functions/code with the built in coding interface as per business requirement. Netra is highly interoperable that can easily integrate with the Service Providers existing ecosystem, 3rd party Ad server or with Industry leading access gateway.

Create a wide partner & hotspot network

Create a wide partner & hotspot network

Create a wide partner & hotspot network


Create a wide partner & hotspot network


Create a wide partner & hotspot network


Create a wide partner & hotspot network

User Engagement


Create a wide partner & hotspot network

Create a wide partner & hotspot network

    1.Multitenant Platform with configurable branch definitions, addition

  • Multi-tenant & Multi Hierarchy support to create clients, branch, users from UI.
  • Add new enterprises, partners or hotspots instantly.
  • The definition of the branch can be a location or a combination of parameters.
  • Ability to manage dedicated captive portal per branch based on the routing rules.
  • Supports creation of workflow per SSID.
  • Deployment of location/service aware Portal for branding and localization.

    2. Role based User Management

  • Netra has multiple users’ category which allows creating and managing user accounts that will be accessing Netra portal. Each enterprise can have one admin or can have one admin per branch.
  • The rights for accessing various permissions & features depend on the access groups assigned to the user accessing Netra.

    3.Reporting & Analytics

    Netra offers inbuilt reports to enable better decision making. These reports can be seen by CSP Admin team as well as individual partner/ enterprise can login to view their respective reports. Below is a list of sample reports.

  • Branch wise/ Enterprise/ Partner wise users.
  • Total usage in volume, by time, by location.
  • Total number of subscribers, by time, by location.
  • User demographics, by age, location, network.
  • Returning v/s old users.
  • Session data.
  • Plan wise usage.
  • Revenue v/s volume.
  • Campaign performance.

Generate Ad Revenue


    1. Portal design and customization

  • Easy Management of template design and customization directly from GUI by CSP Marketing team or Enterprise or partner no need for java script knowledge.
  • Ability to manage (import, modify, delete) a template for the look and feel of the portal for all or any specific branch.
  • Template library with filters – Inbuilt templates for Login and authentications, e.g. login using social media or mobile number etc.
  • Single screen to edit frontend visual design layout, skin, font, color with simultaneous support for backend coding & integrations from the same UI screen. With live preview mode for different devices and runtime publishing to web.
  • Template Editor for basic editing – to incorporate logo, ad, survey and promotion spiels of partners and merchants.
  • HTML & CSS Editor for advanced editing.
  • Content management for logo, saved templates and more.

    2. Configurable functions library

    Netra offers function library separate from template library which allows easy definition of all function, needed to be carried out from the portal.

  • Choose from pre-defined function library such as login, connect to SMP, connect Ad server, verify number, verify email and more.
  • Easily add new functions with ability to write own code (Functions in JavaScript & REST) hence no need for a development or coding each time.

    3. Authentication methods supported

  • Click and go.
  • OTP based login.
  • Social media login.
  • Email based registration.
  • Encrypted access.

    4. Integrated with Social Media

  • Connect or login using social media login.
  • Gain access to user social profile, demographic details, location, family and friends.

    5.Multiple Device & Browser compatibilities

    Netra supports responsive web design that adapts the layout and orientation of the screen based on user-agents or browser being used.

  • Mobile devices – iOS, Blackberry OS 5 & 7, Android 2.3 or higher, Symbian and Windows.
  • Smart detection of device type and automatic landing to the device specific portal page.
  • Supports all browser types.

Generate Ad Revenue

Generate Ad Revenue

    1. Easy Integration with Multiple Ad servers simultaneously

  • Netra can integrate to 3rd party Advertisement Providers or Campaign Server.
  • Render dynamic or pop-up advertisements to the browser and mobile application.
  • Ad formats supported – HTML, JPEG, FLASH, videos, promotional links and GIFs.



    1. Integration with Core Network & IT systems

  • Supports integration with all leading WLAN and Access controllers.
  • Integration with Wi-Fi management system, CRM, SMS & notification server.

    2. Event based Captive Portal

    Netra enables data capture to get user demographic and interest to show relevant captive portal in real time. Supports data capture via

  • Develop Surveys on login.
  • Different Social login each time to capture social profile.
  • Feedback.
  • Integrate with Analytics platform.

Hotspot finder

User engagement

    1. User Activities

  • Authentication interface for multiple services i.e. Walk-In Subscriber, Pre-Activated Vouchers for Short time usage etc.
  • Subscriber self-service sign up, WLAN configuration support, check details consumed and remaining Wi-Fi/ data credits, get quota.
  • Redirection to desired URL and support for Walled Garden sites wherein free access to specific web pages is provided without access to internet.

    2. Hotspot finder

  • Capabilities to scan Vendor/Location/Site database with respective network identification parameters i.e. SSID name, AP MAC or IP Pool or any other configurable parameters available from the access controller.
  • Integration capabilities with multi-vendor access controller for login over HTTP(s), Automatic detection of Access-Controller
Hotspot finder

Hotspot finder


  • Highly Configurable & Customizable: Add Multiple Hotspots or partners instantly fully configurable, Save time and money for deployment.
  • Easy management and portal design by Marketing team.
  • Unlimited connected clients, concurrent users, SSIDs, splash pages, vouchers.
  • Partner Self-Management-Hotspot managers can self-manage the portal, campaigns and view reports.
  • Ease of Deployment: Deployable on hosted model, with support for multi- tenancy add multiple partners on the same platform.
  • Monetize from Data Network: Support for B2B and B2B2C Business models.
  • Inbuilt Template library: to manage the advertisements and banners and have them reflected across all or selected locations instantly. Or have them separate for each partner. Partner can himself edit, create templates for themselves or select from our pre-populated library.
  • Centralized: All Captive portals can be managed from a single place.
  • Fully responsive: Netra is mobile and Web friendly.
  • Ad server Ready: Netra is ad server ready, it can connect with Campaign or any 3rd party ad server to show relevant ad.


  • Flexible Licensing model
  • Deployable on cloud or in premise
  • COTS Hardware supported
  • Highly Scalable and Interoperable
  • Multi tenant Platform


Netra offers an innovative Captive portal for CSP to monetize from Data Networks such as Wi-Fi or Fixed-line Networks. It enables offers & promotions at the right time to the right audience in the easiest and simplest way.

Different campaigns at different locations CSP can have different Promotional campaigns at different locations, different shown on the captive portal
Festival special offers specific for certain time CSP can also launch festival special offer, to show relevant offers on the portal for a particular period of time
Free Wi-Fi to casual users Offer free Wi-Fi in exchange of watching an promotional advertisement, video, taking a survey, in exchange of feedback and more.
Contextual offers Portal can also be integrated with Campaign or any 3rd party Ad server to push contextual offer ads to customers when in a certain Wi-Fi Zone.
Survey based marketing CSP can also design and run survey-based marketing campaign on the captive portal
Different branding, product offerings for different location Captive Portal can be different for different location or group of location, it can also show different product offerings.
Enterprise/ Partner wise different captive portal, campaigns & products Partners can run their own offers and promotions on their area / zone captive portal


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