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Software technology and network communications have many applications. In the medical industry, they have a special place. Computerised patient records as well as online doctor consultations are a reality. Tech4UK contributes to this trend by delivering a wide array of reliable healthcare software solutions.

With the advances in bioinformatics, Health delivery has also transformed. Systems biology and AI in healthcare are refreshing trends. As specialists in software and digital services, We make a difference. We add social value with health platforms and medical software systems.

Virtual Healthcare Solutions

online consultation services

Distance between doctor and patient is difficult to bridge. With our support, Doctors can assist patients remotely. Even rural patients will have access to refined health delivery. The telecommunication system ensures a positive health assessment. The doctor is able to diagnose the patient's condition from afar.

Online Doctor

A web based interactive clinic is set up for a healthcare centre. The smaller clinics can also benefit from this inclusive service. The hospital's health management system is also integrated for daily operational efficiency. A Cloud based solution for larger corporate hospitals help the specialists and clinical teams.

online medical consultation

Psychological disorders and behavioural problems are on the rise. Most of these patients are treated on an out-patient basis. Our healthcare application software ensures their clinical care at all levels. The software assists communities, doctors and support staff.

virtual doctor consultation

The virtual doctor consultation is not limited to Skype and online check up. AI powered software solutions and Cloud storage are the new territory. Smart phone apps and deep learning algorithms facilitate data analytics. Relevant medical intelligence can also be generated to assist the doctors, researchers, and scientists.

virtual care

An advanced telemedicine platform for cutting edge patient care. The doctor is able to treat more number of patients. The software facilitates focussed and timely medical care. The features and functions integrated into the system ensures patient satisfaction.

Medical Software Development company UK

Some patients have chronic problems like diabetes, asthma, arthritis. Others have lung, heart, and eye diseases. Some undergo surgeries and others are classified as more stable patients. Tech4UK can deliver customized virtual clinic solutions for all these cases.

healthcare software solutions

Information technology has a logical, data centric approach. The patient databases and clinical records are conducive to processing. We develop strategic solutions based on cutting edge techniques. These include bioinformatics, modelling, and simulation.

Stand Out Features

Top Medical Software Development Company

Tech4UK is a top medical software development company with integrity. We do not rush into quick fixes and random solutions. Healthcare is a sensitive industry, and our solutions are designed to be safe and secure

healthcare application software

Health information and management software is very trustworthy. The data and intelligence is accurate, timely, and relevant. For virtual clinics, this means secure communications, data integrity, and software updates.

From the patient's standpoint, Stability and health are key. Our software is developed on the basis of patient suitability and continuous care. As a result, Chronic patients receive monitored care with regular screening.

Internet Friendly

The specialised or integrated service serves a unique medical purpose. But it also factors in the web resources. The strategic solution lives up to current standards of health care. The tools and databases are linked to the Cloud for anytime, anywhere access as well.

The hospital's EPR or electronic patient records are a vital component. The solution we implement strictly adheres to data privacy and management. The data collection, analysis, and processing model is also up to standards.

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Targeted Solution
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Virtual care does not fructify without up to date patient data. Our solution takes necessary diagnostics and test results into account. Those with progressive diseases benefit immensely due to this security feature.

In the medical profession, motivation and success matter. Virtual clinics that involve other staff make great progress. Our software solution does not neglect the role of reviewers, clinicians, and technical staff.

Standard Procedures

A virtual care health system can be comprehensive and confusing. Our solution guarantees ease of access with standard procedures. We design and develop a system that is functional and easy to maintain.

The development team collaborates with the hospital management in two positions

Advisory and Mentoring
  • Custom solutions have to be researched, conceptualized and designed. An advisory collaboration ensures superior design and project execution.

  • Management And Maintenance
  • The system is trial run and setup to every stakeholder's satisfaction. Subsequent support ensures troubleshooting and regular maintenance.
  • Management And Maintenance


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