OJO USB Security Token

OJO comes with a Hardware, Software & Web Authentication Token

Everyone has private data like bank account details, passwords, family pictures , business contracts, invoices etc on their laptops and computers. Incidents can expose your private data to strangers or undesired personnel. You might leave your laptop unlocked and go out for some emergency call; you forget your laptop inside the flight or train and did not even log out; you sent your laptop, computer to IT Engineer for upgrades or repair shop. And this can expose your data every easily.

Your private data can be misused in a brutal manner like Cyber frauds on your commercial accounts, business data sold to your competitors and private pictures can on social media and be used for black mailing. All these are not assumptions, these are happening as regular crimes and has cost a lot to people.

Even for companies with employees provided company laptops, the employers don’t want them to have access to the company confidential data when they are at home. They need an easy mechanism as small companies cannot use expensive IRM and DRM systems.

So what is the solution?

OJO is a Safe token which secures your data completely on our system in a manner which makes it full proof. Ojo comes with a hardware token and simple software which you install on your machine. The Software allows you to create Virtual drives on your system and you can drop your private data in those virtual drives and always save it there. You can even keep your Outlook Email files in the Virtual drive. This Virtual drive only becomes visible when you plug in the OJO USB Token and enter your PIN on the Software.

OJO USB Security Token

Now even though your data is available on the same computer, laptop but becomes invisible to everyone, unless you plug in OJO Token and enter your PIN. The data is encrypted with a 256 bit AES encryption Key and cannot be decrypted easily. And above this, the one who gets access to your system cannot even see your private data.

For Small companies, you can keep the token inside the office for every employee, and only when are in office they get the token and use the confidential data on their laptops.

Hardware Authentication Token

Software Token
Can OJO be used on multiple systems?

Yes, it can be used on multiple machines, you can install the Software on multiple systems and just plug in OJO there and create virtual drives. So for your home PC, personal laptop and Office system you just need one hardware token.

What happens if I lose my OJO Token or forget my PIN?

We have multiple level of back up arrangements in this case. When you create your virtual drives, you have a key file, which you can backup and store anywhere in your email or a separate USB at home. It is a very low size file. If you lose Hardware Token, then just order the new one and load the key file into it, and it works like the previous one. We also provide a Master PIN, which you can get it by sending a support ticket to us on email or online chat.

Web Token Authentication


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