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Internet of Things(IoT) has been one of the buzz words in recent years. Along with Big Data, and AI, It is expected to change real and digital landscapes. For a long time, Computerization was restricted only to office rooms. Mobile and handheld devices along with Internet connectivity changed this equation in an irreversible way.

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Connecting real world objects to computing power is a revolutionary idea. At Tech4UK we follow the trends and stay up-to-date. You will be guaranteed cutting edge IOT solutions by our expert team. With our assistance, You too can make ubiquitous computing a reality !

Tech4UK follows the highest standards in internet of things technology. The clients receive a veritable bouquet of sophisticated services

  • Large scale computational needs of the enterprise will be satisfied
  • We facilitate the realization of latest distributed and Cloud Analytics.
  • Client can choose from fog, mobile, or edge computing models
  • We test and install servers(edge, micro-data), and centralized Cloud facilities.
  • The engineers use state of art techniques to deliver application compositions.
  • Only the latest tools are used in deploying various software components.
  • Fully functional and trustworthy IoT units will be delivered on time.
internet of things technology

Tech4UK does not follow the crowd in Cloud Application development. In fact, Our experts have as strict implementation policy. This ensures the deployment of innovative IoT or edge infrastructure. The client's business not only becomes contemporary, but also very smart

Sector-Wise Facilities

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Transport Industry

Smart Vehicles and self-driving cars are no more science fiction. Inter vehicular communication(V2V) assures entertainment and traffic safety. An accident free ride in a friendly ambience makes driving a pleasure.

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IoT Universities on the internet are also known as MOOCs. These massive online open courses ensure bi-direction information flows. Global education system makes students competitive and productive.

iot technology


Smart grids and meters ensure reliable power supply and billing. IoT gateways to housing appliances will allow feedback mechanisms. The overall power distribution, and consumption become efficient.

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It’s here that you need to develop associations with a reputed web design agency Uk like Tech4Uk. With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in web designing, we can render professional support to you. Our services, creative conceptualizations, and innovative thoughts have helped us emerge as the leading UK web design agency.

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Smart farms consume less water, while drones protect the field. Wireless, IoT sensors for soil quality, radiation, and temperature increase the crop yield.

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Consumers can wear smart clothing with embedded electronics. Textile industry can improve clothing quality with IoT. Smarter apparel with sensors and communications helps withstand inclement weather.

internet of things and services

Crowd Management

Sports Arenas, Crowded Areas and Road Safety is enhanced by IoT communications. Face recognition and control mechanisms are also useful in crime detection, prevention, and punishment.

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Other Services

Healthcare, Construction, and R&D industries also benefit immensely. Handheld devices, monitors, implants, etc., collect Big Data for more deeper analysis.

The future is here and it is known as the internet of things UK businesses have always set the standards in many human endeavours. High technologies are not exempt, and Tech4UK lives up to this reputation. These trustworthy features will deliver smart business impact

internet of things and services
  • An Internet network connects sensors and real objects to the Cloud. Unlimited storage and processing power guarantees continuous information flows.
  • The communication pathways are kept heterogeneous for reliability. Cable, satellite, Wi-Fi technologies are extensively used by our team.
  • We deliver serviceable IoT applications that have current market demand. This way the business can diversify or scale up with an eye on ROI.
  • All the enabling technologies are used in creating the IoT infrastructure. They include 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, GSM, and RFID.
  • Our IoT applications permit data acquisition within a specific context. This information can also be processed in a context for enhanced knowledge.
  • Both individual and group communications are facilitated in a big way. The hardware and software ensure functional efficiency as well as business intelligence.

Tech4UK does not resort to hyping up the internet of things UK clients are reassured of our strengths and techniques

  • A strong technological framework is set up without loss in quality. The fundamentals are kept intact and key enablers are used.
  • The IoT infrastructure facilitates higher degree of interconnectivity. Both global and local communications become much more faster.
  • Software is abstract, while worldly things are concrete and real. We connect them while preserving consistency and privacy.
  • Business like to expand and scaling up is always a headache. So, We perform contextual analysis and deliver dynamic solutions.
  • Technology is redundant unless it keeps everything safe and sound. The personnel, data, networks, and software applications are kept secure.
  • Connectivity ensures access to high volumes of data. Our IoT solutions also deliver compatibility for higher data consumption and usage.


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