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A modern start up or business organization is digitally savvy. Even smaller businesses expand their operations for profits. These companies depend on computer facilities and information systems. Tech4UK can assist such clients with specialised software integration services for enterprise applications. A complete, automated system can be created to enhance productivity and profits.

Tech4UK - Wide Range of Services

At Tech4UK, We take pride in solving problems through decisive techniques. Our core competition is the result of talented team with supervisory control. Integration gurus divide the services into two broad categories. They also specify the role played by the experts. We offer these specialised integration services to benefit small and large companies

  • Determine the business functions and map them on to software components.
  • Develop or acquire the suitable components for full-scale integration.
  • Tackle hardware issues like processor configuration and memory management.
  • Select the OS based on costs, risks, reliability, features, and real time capabilities.
  • Explore the middleware options based on scale and size of the project.
  • Depend on iterations, regression testing and feedback for excellence.
  • Carry out unit-wise integration to reduce overheads and latency.
  • Integrate sub-systems and evaluate their performance thoroughly.
  • Debug, test, fine tune and complete the system integration service.

A business will have a complex and computerised back office process. It will also have a web store or e-commerce site for online sales. These two systems are integrated for data accessibility and business intelligence.

Tech4UK is capable of delivering on these following scenarios or options

  • Back office system is well integrated, but online database is linked partially.
  • A fully-integrated, single database is set up for back office and online store
  • Integration software for offices is not just restricted to small businesses. A medium scale enterprise can integrate various departments. The sales, finance, supply chain, HR, and marketing divisions can be brought together. They will be able to co-ordinate their operations by working under a common edifice.

    • Small offices and start ups receive low-cost integration services
    • Information flow is streamlined thereby reducing administrative stress.
    • Business costs come down as redundancy and duplication are curtailed
    • The customer's orders are processed in a much more efficient manner.
    • Business is recognized as tech savvy and Smartphone customers grow.

    Medium, large businesses and corporate houses have always relied on ERP. The company itself operates in a modular fashion. Various departments like sales, accounts, HR, etc., Have well defined operations. Software systems have automated them to various degrees. Manual actions and communications are still necessary.

    • All the functions of back offices can be integrated in a seamless way.
    • Information flow is authentic and true to how things are actually done.
    • For example, A customer order is routed in the right sequence.
    • Access privileges and security measures ensure data protection and privacy.
    • Inter-departmental co-ordination becomes efficient and more reliable
    • ERP can also be fully integrated with the company's web-services.
    • Data privileges and security measures ensure safety over the internet.
    • ERP can be integrated with other internal systems to create ERP applications.

    Computerisation is all about data, software and control mechanisms. They do this to generate useful information, make timely decisions, and communicate them.

    With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, Information has evolved into knowledge. Decision making can also be passed on to smart algorithms. Software, statistics, and systems come together and create this cyberspace.

    Integrated Services

    Rely on Tech4UK for a wide range of integrated services. Be it the Cloud or Back Office, We are there for you. Our services are not restricted to offline facilities or office setups alone. We also deliver reliable solutions for web-related services, media, and digital marketing.

    Our wide range of services and expertise covers a colourful spectrum. Small business and start ups can consult with us for that initial push. Medium and large organizations are also welcome to interact with our team.

    Shoot an email for further details or call our executive today. You are also invited to drop in a sort of query on our website. We strive to integrate so you can beat the competition!

    Enterprise Application Software Integration Services


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