The influx of Smart phones altered the nature of online business.

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The influx of Smart phones altered the nature of online business. User interfaces and experience have gained a lot of traction. Tech4UK honours this demand by delivering cutting edge gamification solutions. As a result, the client's mobile apps become more engaging and enticing. We also offer integration services for Google Adwords

Value Added Services

At Tech4UK, We ensure a double edge sword in online marketing. These two services enhance the quality of client's business

App Gamification

Mobile apps have inundated the global market space in short time. To triumph over competitors, your app has to stand out. Building effective functionality and great interfaces is not sufficient.

Modern mobile users are very smart, but restless. They expect the app to engage them and keep them hooked. The best solution is to gamify the app and add entertaining features. The users are challenged to complete tasks and stay loyal to your brand.

Even a well designed app may not take off in the digital market place. The reason could be dull and uninspiring experience for the users. With gaming features we drive away this lethargy. The users are inspired and kept engaged for longer periods of time.

gamification services UK
Adwords Integration
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A mobile app of a business enterprise are not just for entertainment. They have to give valuable feedback and generate business intelligence. Tech4UK satisfies this demand with effective Adwords integration. The gamified app will generate high quality key performance indicators (KPIs).

The data generated from the users is essential for making profits. The company's executives can make more informed and timely decisions. The back office information system also yields a lot of data. A dashboard platform is created to integrate or combine it with the user data.

Multi-channel distribution is an efficient strategy in sales and marketing. Similarly, Dashboards and multiple sources of data are invaluable. The managers can factor in large number of variables to arrive at a decision. They can filter, assess and evaluate the business performance in a more in-depth fashion.

Significant Features

Tech4UK applies contemporary techniques to achieve gamification engagement. The primary aim is to energize and motivate the users of the app. These features are the key

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Goal-Oriented Approach

We deliver a strategic gamification plan with variable criteria. The user engagement, loyalty program, and social value are considered. Tangible objectives are set and achieved with our software platform.

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Enhanced Experience

Users deserve a seamless experience and we strive for it. The technique is tweaked to fit in user expectations and client's goals. The user's sense of technological and systematic participation is also enhanced.

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Emotional Eco-system

Digital solutions does not always mean dull and drab logic. The best gamification platforms ensure value addition. The user feels good and his or her self-esteem, pride, and confidence grow. Overcoming tricky obstacles always give an emotional high.

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Ease Of Usage

Users come from diverse backgrounds and there is no judgement. This feature reduces complexity and generates more enthusiasm. Multiple levels and unlocking stages are introduced to get the user hooked on to the app.

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Build A Community

The digital milieu is always abuzz with the latest news and gossip. Social media widgets, links, and loops facilitate rapid sharing. The users will flaunt their success and publicize your app. This will increase the traffic to your digital resources in a meaningful way.

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Incentives And Rewards

There are consumers who like to earn their recognition and rewards. Gamification entices them with reward programs and prizes. Initially, Digital goods can be offered followed by more tangible benefits to the game winners.

Why Chose Tech4UK?

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Game Mechanics

Tech4UK understands the highs and lows of game dynamics. Logical, sequential, and rule based actions ensure an enjoyable experience.

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Behaviour Modelling

Behaviour psychology is factored into the gamification solution. Abilities, motivating factors, action-reaction patterns, etc., are embedded by our experts.

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Assured Engagement

The platform is designed to arouse a sense of urgency and participation. The user is also egged on to get more involved with tactical incentives.

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Higher Sales Conversions

Tech4UK delivers reliable gamification digital marketing for tangible results. The client will benefit from higher number of subscriptions and sales conversions

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Enhance Office Productivity

Gamification of office productivity software is also very popular. The staff is motivated to achieve targets with specific gaming techniques. They are bestowed badges and points for high quality work.

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Advertising Revenues

More than 3 billion users will be directly participating in the gaming market. With Tech4UK digital platform, Client can earn higher ad revenues. The survey results and data analysis reports are more refined and reliable.


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